CADE provides Annual Scholarships to members so that they may attend local and national conferences related to diabetes topics

The CADE Board has voted to increase our two annual scholarships from $500 to $1000 for the 2018 -2019 year! 

This increase is due to the success of our Diabetes Symposium held in November of 2017!

 CADE supports our members in obtaining continuing education!

Please click here to print out a scholarship form  

the deadline is May 6, 2018  - email to

Below is the content of the current scholarship application form


Name___________________________          Credentials________________


Best way to contact:_________________________________________


Date of application:__________________________________________

Thank you for applying for a scholarship from the Association.  To be fairly awarded, you will be evaluated on a point system according to how you answer the following questions.  Please complete as thoroughly and honestly as possible.  Current Award is $500.00

Please note that if you are awarded a CADE Scholarship, you are expected to write an article about a skill or knowledge you acquired as a result of your attendance at the conference.  This article will be published in the issue of the CADE newsletter following the conference.

Scholarships are intended for attendance at Diabetes-related conferences, such as ADA, AADE or regional AADE conferences.  You must be a member of CADE to apply for this award.


  1. Number of National Diabetes-related meetings attended in the past 5 yrs?

     _____0         _____1         _____2         _____3         _____4+


  1. Have you ever been the recipient of a CADE scholarship?

          _____No       ______Yes


  1. Quantify the non-paid, diabetes-related volunteer hours that you logged in the past year?

          _____0 -10             _____11-25_____26-50_____51-100           _____over 100


          Please list the volunteer events you participated in_____________________________





  1. Please summarize your CADE involvement for the past 3 years:

CADE meetings attended_________________________________________________ 

Offices held____________________________________________________________

Committee Participation__________________________________________________



  1. Please rate your degree of need:

     ______Receiving no assistance from employer

     ______Receiving some assistance from employer (less than ½ of expenses)

     ______Receiving moderate assistance from employer (1/2 or more of expenses)


Additional Comments?______________________________________________________