CADE Resource Library

The CADE Resource Library is a lending library consisting of books, CDs, slide series and audiocassettes available for CADE members to sign out and use.  The resource library is housed at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven. 

If you would like to donate or sign-out a resource, please contact Leigh Bak at 203.789.3355 or at

Books for Professionals

1.       Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes 7th Edition. ADA 2017

2.       American Diabetes Association Guide to Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes 3rd Edition. ADA 2017

3.       Managing Diabetes & Hyperglycemia in the Hospital Setting Draznin 2016

4.       Diabetes Risks from Prescription & Non-Prescription Drugs Dagogo-Jack 2016

5.       Approaches to Behavior Rozler & Satin-Rapaport 2015

6.       Medical Management of Pregnancy Complicated by Diabetes 5th Edition. Coustan 2013

7.       Practical CGM: A Guide to Improving Outcomes through Continuous Glucose Monitoring Scheiner 2015

8.       Diabetes Ready Reference for Nurse Practitioners ADA 2012

9.       Life With Diabetes: A Series of Teaching Outlines 5th Edition Michigan Diabetes Research & Training Center 2014

10.   Diabetes Management in Long Term Settings Haas 2014

11.   Practical Carbohydrate Counting: a How-To Teach Guide for Health Professionals 2nd Edition Warshaw 2008

12.   Practical Insulin 4thEdition ADA 2015

13.   Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Sensing: A User’s Guide to Effective Diabetes Management Kaufman 2012

14.   The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education  Third Edition 2014

15.   CQI A Step-by-Step Guide for Quality Improvement in Diabetes Education, AADE 2008

16.    Diabetes Education Review Guide - Test Your Knowledge, AADE 2013 (review information & practice tests)

17.   Mastering the Reimbursement Process  2008   American Medical Association

18.   Endocrinology & Diabetes Holt & Hanley 2012

19.   Diabetic Emergencies and Clinical Management Katslambros, et al 2011

20.   Managing Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Hospitals Participant Guide Eli

21.   The Art of Empowerment 2nd edition Anderson & Funnell2005

22.   21 Things You Need to Know About Weight Loss Surgery Cunneen 2017

23.   The Perfect Diabetes Comfort Food Collection Webb 2016

24.   Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy 5th Edition Warshaw 2016

25.   Knees Lifted High Georgia Perez (Indian Health Service) 2011 (2 copies available)

26.   Sex and Diabetes: For Him and Her2007 ADARozler/Rice

27.   Physical Activity and Fitness2006Joslin Diabetes Center   2 books available

28.   My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes Adler et al 2011

29.   A Woman’s Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness Barnes & Strand 2015

30.   Your First Year with Diabetes: What to do, Month by Month Garnero 2014

31.   Gluten Free Recipes for People with Diabetes Hughes 2013

32.   1,000 Years of Diabetes Wisdom Marrero et al 2008

33.   Diabetes A-Z: What you Need to Know, Simply Put7th Edition ADA 2016


1.       An Overview of Diabetes and its ManagementAADE(113 slides 35 mm slides and PowerPoint)  ENGLISH and SPANISH, Milner Fenwick slide set

2.       The Diabetes Epidemic (PowerPoint Presentation)

3.       Healthy Eating for People with Diabetes, AADE  (115 slides PowerPoint on CD ROM) 


1.       DVD Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin (2 copies) sponsored by Quest Diagnostics -57 minutes

2.       DVD D-Fight! Total Body Exercise for Diabetes Level 1, 2 & 3 FitScripts 2014

3.       DVD Emotional Aspects of Diabetes, Milner Fenwick - 15 minutes

4.       DVD King Corn  2006, 90 min, documentary

5.       DVD Introduction to Pattern Management, Milner Fenwick – 15 minutes

Pamphlets/Pocket Guides

1.       2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes ADA 2017

2.       Foot Examination Pocket Chart 2nd Edition ADA 2006

Updated 10/12/17